Friday, 24 May 2013

10 Life Lessons we have learned from our Hamsters

1. Love one another.

Hammie Cuddles!

2. Make new friends.

Hello! Are you seeing the vet too?

3. Share what you have.

nom nom nom nom...

4. Give plenty of hugs.

You can hug a hammie this way...

... or this way.

5. Learn to sleep anywhere.

I can sleep on hand or bed. Or both.

New brand of hamphone.

Don't mind me. I'm a stapler too.

6. Don't waste food. 

Let me lick this plate clean for you!

7. Adapt to your surroundings.

Mouse and Hammie. Close enough.

8. Use cuteness to your advantage.

Whatcha' looking at?

Are you taking my picture?

More food? Please?

9. Hog the bed when you can.

What's good enough for my human is good enough for me.

Hogging the bed like a boss.

10. Learn to relax and enjoy life!

This pillow is mine.

Hammie oppa gangnam style!

Hope the pictures made you smile! Happy Vesak Day! :)

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