Sunday, 5 May 2013

Raison de'etre

Simply put: Reason for existence. Why this blog even exists?

I have always loved to write. Once upon a time in a neighbourhood primary school somewhere in the east of Singapore, I was told that I wrote well. Of course, before the Internet came into popular usage in Singapore, I guess that was all relative to my peers back then. I make no apologies for being an early developer. I was reading since I was three, which back in the 1980s, was some sort of accomplishment for my mum and I (gotta give her at least some credit for getting me started). Of course, in the 2000s, such a 'feat' is really no big deal with all the funky preschools, DHA infant formulas and shit.

Then came the great Internet boom, and after perusing a good number of blogs over the years, I realise that I can't hold a candle the the great Singaporean bloggers out there. What would the point of blogging be then? To waste some space among the exabytes floating in the digital world? A failed attempt at an ego trip? A way to earn a few stray cents of advertising dollars from the links fed by Blogger?

Back to Neurotic Ramblings. Because people have told me that they enjoy reading my sometimes controversial Facebook posts - and controversial comments on other posts, even if they stay out of the fray (no likes or comments, but they can rehash what I posted when we meet face-to-face). By "controversial", suffice to say that those who express blindly pro-PAP or nauseatingly patriotic views on Facebook can usually expect a little keyboard sparring from me. Well-meaning friends and family have cautioned me, and others have expressed surprise as to why the ISD has not yet chia-ed me to lim kopi with them. I doubt they will, even with the creation of this blog. Anyway, more on this in some of my upcoming posts.

So, what can you, my dear reader, expect from this blog? Hopefully, some random entertainment here and there, if you like to read random musings of a self-professed neurotic soon-to-be ex naval officer. Expect some more focused expression from my better half, a soon-to-be ex educator. I will also post some handy DIY tips on my interests, which range from motoring to simple home improvement.

For friends who know us, perhaps this blog will be little more than an extension of our Facebook presences. More in-depth and no less random. I once said that I would start a blog if I had 50 likes on Facebook regarding my status update on this topic. While that status update indeed garnered the most likes of anything I have ever posted on FB, it still falls far short of 50.

But that's besides the point. Because whether our readership is 5 or 50000, it doesn't really matter. We are going to blog just for the heck of it.

Comments are welcome, especially for topic requests and suggestions. I don't expect any at this early stage. Suggestions for improvements in grammar and stuff are likely to be ignored.

With that, we present Neurotic Ramblings of a Singaporean Couple.

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