Sunday, 10 July 2016

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Hi S,

Your posts and journey has been very encouraging and inspiring to both my husband and I. My name is ___ and our family (____) have our PR granted _____.
We were thinking of making our trip to activate our PR in ______ and was looking to you for guidance on the couple of admin/logistical things we needed to set up to prep for our big move in about 1.5-2 yrs. Our PR did not limit us to any state and we were contemplating more Melb than Syd due to the skyhigh rental prices in Syd.

Am I right to set the flow as when we land in Melb, we need to ensure we do the following;
1. Apply for Centrelink & Medicare for family
2. Create a bank account and dump our AU savings there
3. Survey suburbs that we are interest in living in 2 years time
4. Survey kindy/pri schs that we may place our sons(2.5 yrs & 1.5 yrs)

I am unable to think about what else is required to be set up to ensure we have the right foundation before our big move.

Can you advise?

Sounds good to me. Remember your Myki (Melbourne), Oyster (?? Sydney), SIM cards, probably a car as well.

I think the schools would be a slightly less urgent priority for now. But I wouldn't know much about this
Appreciate all advise and suggestions, and thank you so much in advance for your time.


  1. hi there, i recently moved back from Melb to Singapore, due to poor job opportunity in my field which i had been working for 15 yrs in SG. Yes, Melb will be a better place (my family & myself tried there for 2 yrs).

    If you are going to melb without any job lobangs or secured a job, i advise go to centrelink with family details inc bank account details in SG to apply for social assistance. Basically, if you had done your research, PR/Citizens are able to seek $$ assistance which can be anywhere from few hundreds per mth to few thousands. Schools (Primary & Kinder) are generally very easy to masok. No need worry unlike SG. Almost free the fees per annum.

    For rental, a furnished apartment or landed home is approx $350-500 per week, location depends obviously. Standby about $300 basic utilities plus internet bills, very expensive there.

    Car, grab a 2nd hand one, very very cheap, use Gumtree or online portals to do research on price. I got mine 7 seater Holden SUV $2000, inc insurance/road tax by Vicroads (LTA) No need buy private insurance but its your option.

    Overall i love the place, unfortunately for me, did not turn out well. I'll leave my Sg mobile - 91010 535, feel free to text or call and intro yourself. Cheers

  2. Hi!

    Migrating has been in our thoughts since our Aussie road trip months back. We have been reading your blog posts for quite awhile now, and our keen to apply for a visa through the points system has grown stronger.

    Sadly, we have recently applied for a BTO last year in Nov 2015 and will be going for our second appointment in Oct 2016. Housing grants has also been disbursed into our CPF accounts. The house will be ready in 2020.

    Our thoughts at the moment:-
    (a) cancel the housing application and burn the option fee paid. apply for the visa and reside in Oz all the wayyyy

    (b) take up the house and wait for the MOP to be over and have the house downgraded to a 3R flat after the MOP

    (c) cancel the housing application and burn the option fee paid and apply for the visa. Re-apply for a 3R flat through the sales of balance scheme

    We also thought that we should have a back up plan to fall upon should either of us decided to return back to Singapore. Hence option (b) and (c).

    A young Singaporean Couple